Family Visitation Program

The Family Visitation Program provides Child Welfare-involved families with services such as supervised visitations, transportation to and from visits, and visit coaching from trained staff.

The goal of the Family Visitation Program is to promote positive visit experiences for parents, children, and any others involved in the visitation process.

Services provided by the Visitation Program include:

  • Family Visit Coaching: Interactive coaching model following the Marty Beyer Family Visit Coaching curriculum; an innovative, evidence-based approach for parents to learn in a hands-on environment about child development, parenting techniques, and more.
  • Visit Monitoring: Visitation Monitors provide appropriate visitation monitoring for families needing court-ordered supervision in visits
  • Visitation Transportation: Transportation provided by trauma informed trained staff for children involved in visitation services

**Families are eligible for visitation services if they are currently involved in an open Child Welfare Services case and have been referred for services by their social worker.**

For more information about the Family Visitation Program, please contact:

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