First Five First Steps

First 5 First Steps

First 5 San Diego is a no-cost family support program that connects parents and parents-to-be with a trained professional to support them through the joys and uncertainties of parenting. First Steps partners with families and provides parents with voluntary home-based services that are individualized based on family strengths, needs, and interests. Our services are offered over the long term, often from the prenatal period up to three years of age.  Our program ensures that families have knowledge and understanding of growth and development as well as the tools needed for a secure parent-child relationship.


During visits with our highly trained Family Support Specialist, families can learn about what to expect at each stage of their child's development. Every client has different needs and the program creates a personal, trusting connection and model of support based on individual requirements. The Family Support Specialists work with families to create manageable goals that support gaining the confidence and skills needed to be a successful parent.

Ways in which our Family Support Specialist partner with parents:

  • Nurture the development of healthy relationships between parent and child.
  • Enhance parent knowledge about the growth and development of their child.
  • Support positive parenting practices.
  • Provide community referrals.
  • Support mindful and stress reduction practices.

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“What I enjoy about the First 5 First Steps program is being able to interact with someone so knowledgeable and kind. The simple interaction and information I get from each visit is much appreciated.” 
– Program Client
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