A Colorful Partnership

Home Start connected with Approved Home Pros through our involvement with the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. We discussed this shared opportunity with Infinity Painters at a mixer and partnered with Approved Home Pros to tell the story.

Infinity Painters came and did a fantastic job painting a bright and playful color wall beside the play area at one of our Maternity Housing locations. They also added a fun chalkboard wall for the children to interact with.

The project made a huge difference and adds such a creative touch to the space. It makes both kids and adults smile!

Deborah Carreno and Approved Home Pros were generous in supporting the partnership and telling our story with this video that aired on their locally televised show as well as online.

Thank you to Infinity Painters and Approved Home Pros for this beautiful project! It will be a reminder of how the San Diego community can come together to brighten the lives of children for years to come.

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