Client Success Story: Anna (Domestic Violence Survivor)

“Anna” came to us in 2020 after fleeing a domestic violence relationship with the father of her toddler, James. Anna, a teenager, enrolled in Home Start’s Community Services for Families program and her Case Manager Maria, guided her in escaping domestic violence and starting her journey toward healthy parenting and relationships.

Sadly, domestic violence was familiar to Anna. At age 6, Anna remembers hosing down her mother with water, after her father poured gasoline on her, threatening to light her on fire. Following that incident, for the next decade, Anna struggled with homeless and her own physically, emotionally, sexually, and financially abusive relationship. She sought help after her son James began having night terrors and hitting her. Anna attributes James’ aggression to his own trauma of witnessing his teenage father treat Anna similarly.

Under Maria’s guidance, Anna completed her In-home Parenting Services curriculum, including the Healthy Relationships Module. She followed through with obtaining a restraining order against her abuser, permanently moved in with her mother, and enrolled James in behavioral health services for therapy.

Anna is proud of herself for completing her parenting services because it is the only thing she has ever completed and she knows her son was worth it. She is also proud to have obtained a full-time job in her final month working with Maria. The future is looking much brighter for Anna and James.

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