Home Start Success Story: Meet Hilda

Hilda was placed in the foster care system at the age of 6, so she never had a stable home life. She dropped out of high school and then gave birth to her daughter at age 20.

For a while, she lived in a house with her baby’s father and some of his relatives. But the situation was unhealthy and she knew she wanted more for her daughter.

Stability and Hope
In her own words, Hilda shares:

…his family wasn’t very supportive of me. The environment was toxic. I wanted some place safe for my daughter. I heard about Home Start from a friend who went through the Maternity Housing Program.

Home Start helped me move into an apartment, and it’s better for me and my daughter. I’m finishing high school right now and I just got a job at their Thrift Boutique. I want to keep working and maybe start college in the near future.

My Case Manager, Anna pushes me a lot — in a good way. She encourages me and keeps me organized. Every week we meet to make sure that I’m on track and not falling behind.

My parenting classes helped give me a lot of self-awareness. I have more patience with my daughter and I actually have a care provider so, when I have to do homework or need time to myself, I call her and she picks my daughter up. It’s difficult as a parent, but they help me.

They’re also helping my daughter with her speech development with a child specialist. It was just me and her before, but now she’s more active and she tries to talk more because of the resources we’ve been given. Little by little, she’ll get there.

I just want the best for my daughter. Home Start helped me get my life together. Thank you for providing me and my daughter with a home and all these programs and courses. It feels good to know that I have a support system and people who care.

Steps Towards Success
Hilda’s case manager, Anna, says of her progress:

A huge help for Hilda has been just talking to other clients in the same situation as her. We have a therapist on site, a child development specialist and a peer counselor. And I’m always here if they need anything.

I feel like she’s become more self-aware as she’s been going through the classes. Now she knows when to seek help if she needs time for homework or to do her own thing. She’s on a really successful path by finishing her high school diploma and she just got a job. Hilda is on the right track to exiting the program successfully and gaining more independence.

You Can Make a Difference
Thanks to you, Hilda and her 2-year old daughter are thriving.

Yet more young mothers like HIlda turn to Home Start this season and all year long.

Please give to our 2018 Year-End Match Grant by December 31st and make a lasting difference for more young mothers and children like Hilda and her daughter.  Thank you!


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