Meet Valerie

Home Start for the Holidays (6)

Valerie entered Home Start’s First 5 First Steps Program when she was 18 years old and pregnant, living in a maternity home and newly out of high school. She was alone with no support.

After being referred to Home Start by a case worker who helped her get on her feet, Valerie made a commitment to herself and her son to create a safe and healthy life. Both Valerie and her now two-year-old son, Trevor, have been active and engaged in the program for the past two years and have created a strong bond with one another.

Since she’s been working with Home Start, Valerie has learned how to interact with Trevor in a positive way and has also learned to self-regulate when facing frustrating situations. She was able to complete core classes to achieve her education goals and was able to find work in her field.

Valerie and Trevor were recently able to move out of the maternity home and into their very own place. Valerie is a young single mom who has sacrificed a lot to be able to provide a good life for Trevor and has made strides in doing so thanks to the generosity and support from partners like you.

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