On the Road to Stability: One Family’s Story

Alexander is a single father to his daughters, 2-year-old Alison and 6-year-old Katelyn.

He was referred to Home Start’s Community Services for Families Program after a local partner agency felt we could help him and his daughters get back on their feet. The goal of Community Services for Families (CSF) is to promote child safety, child well-being and stable living environments for children.

Alexander and his girls have recently faced many obstacles, such as lack of transportation, lack of internet access, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and lack of overall support from family and friends.

Fortunately, with support from Home Start, Alexander is now on the road to stability. He states, “It's all about my girls.”  Alexander takes the bus all over San Diego without complaint to accomplish his goals and set up a stable life for his daughters.

Working closely with his Case Manager, Alexander is also continuously improving his knowledge of child development and parenting skills - despite all the obstacles that stand in his way.

Our team reports that Alexander is thriving in parenting classes and greatly enjoys learning about his girls’ growth, healthy development, and their positive interactions. Alison and Katelyn are thriving as well.

This young father and his daughters have few supportive family members in San Diego, which makes it hard for him and his girls, especially during the holidays. Still, they plan on spending the day at their favorite park and reading stories together bundled up. They will also receive gifts through Home Start’s Adopt a Family Program next month.

Most importantly - thanks to caring partners like you - their future is looking a whole light brighter.

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