Opinion: With Compassion and Proven Solutions, We Can Stop Child Abuse

Every year, we recognize April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. While the observance may have ended, our journey to take a stand for this cause has not. No matter the time of year, it is essential for us to acknowledge community programs that help prevent child maltreatment.

At Home Start, we see the effects of family violence firsthand each day. In the United States, a child is abused or neglected every 47 seconds, according to the Children’s Defense Fund. It is not just a national issue. During the 2021 fiscal year, San Diego County reported ​​that 26,270 children were referred with allegations of abuse or neglect.

Home Start is dedicated to preventing child abuse one family at a time by addressing individual self-sufficiency and emotional needs. Our vision is for every child to have a safe, stable, and nurturing home. This should not be a hard feat.however, there are too many statistics in our county that tell us otherwise. Continue reading on Times of San Diego

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