Meet Rasha & Suzan: Two of Our Amazing Social Workers for National Social Work Month


"I have been impacted by most of my families, I learn something new from each of them."

Choosing Social Work as a career was for two main reasons:  the first one is that back home in Iraq, we did not have services like here. I was interested to know more about how to help people in need, as I really enjoy helping others. Secondly, since I am living in the US, it's important for me to be available for people from my culture who are in need of my help for many different reasons. I regularly provide interpreting, translating, and resource navigation services.

I usually start my day working around 8 am and say good morning to my whole team. Next, I check my emails and my calendar for appointments. I prepare for my visits, complete them, and record details of our sessions. Lastly, I work on extra things that need to be done such as translating different types of documents, providing referrals, and placing orders for items my clients need. 

I can say that I have been impacted by almost all of my families and have learned something new from each.  Also, it brings me great joy when my clients provide feedback on how I am truly helping them and their children. This makes me feel very happy.  I look forward to waking up every day and starting the day with my families. 

Rasha J.
Home Start, Inc., Family Support Specialist 


"I chose a social work career because I like to help relieve vulnerable people’s suffering and improve their lives."

A “typical day” to me at work is offering resources to my clients, empowering families, and encouraging them to thrive.  I use my active listening skills to listen and reflect, and regularly visit families to talk to parents about their children’s growth and hopes for their futures.

When I first started working with families, they did not believe in themselves and had no goals they wanted to accomplish. For example, I worked with a mom who was very depressed and did not believe that she had time for anything other than caring for her children.

During a home visit with her, I asked her if she could think of one small goal that she wanted to accomplish and if that goal would make her happy. She struggled to answer.

We started brainstorming together, and she finally produced a goal that would make her happy and proud if she were to accomplish it.  Mom decided to spend 10 minutes a day cleaning her garage.

During every home visit, mom and I discussed the steps that helped her to achieve her goal, and soon she achieved it.

My client shared, “I’ve wanted to clean my garage for a year, but I never believed in myself that I could manage to accomplish it... I am so busy caring for five children and never found a time for myself. Now that I accomplished this goal, I am proud of myself, and I believe everything is possible.

Thanks for believing in me and encouraging me to achieve my goal.”

- Suzan S.Home Start, Inc., Family Support Specialist

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