Staff Spotlights and Shout Outs

Staff Spotlights

Valeria Medina Moore, Behavioral Health

Valeria Medina Moore has been instrumental member of BHS.  She does an amazing job helping to bring her kiddos a sense of safety, teaching them both coping skills and how to set healthy boundaries, as well as, providing psycho-education to their caregivers to increase their ability provide their children the support they need after a traumatic event. Val’s been a supportive mentor to our newer therapists and is always open to consulting with our seasoned clinicians.  She is always willing to assist the team with call backs, chart review, intake line, toy organization, research, and funding searches. This past year Val completed her PCIT certification, PCIT-Toddler training and consultation, and EMDR training and initial consultation to expand her therapy toolbox.  Additionally,  she completed the clinical supervision training and this August she will be welcoming her 1st of many official interns. - Sade Carswell, Program Manager, Behavioral Health

Kit Dieu, Communities in Action

Communities in Action would like to recognize Kit Dieu for his continues dedication to support our team. Kit is a key member of our team who makes life easier for everyone with his hard work and dedication. Kit is friendly and kind to everyone and is eager to help anyone in need. He brings laughter and a kind smile with every interaction he has with clients and team members. Kit, thank for all you do for the team, we truly appreciate you. - Angelica Gonzalez, Program Manager, Communities in Action

Craig Lewis, Housing Program (East)

Craig continues to show growth and willingness to be a team player. He is an advocate for his clients and willing to find resources that will benefit his clients. Craig has stepped up in his role as our new HQS inspector and continues to learn and grow in all things housing. - Karina Hernandez, Program Manger, Housing

Andrea Castellanos, Housing Program (Central)

Andrea is a Team Lead who continues to show professional growth to help the housing team. Andrea has been a great support for the Central team as she grows into her new role. She is a great listener, willing to help problem solve, and help where she can to help our community. - Karina Hernandez, Program Manger, Housing

Reynaldo Hidalgo, Community Services for Families

Reynaldo has been with CSF for almost two years. During this time, he has continuously impressed us by the support he has been able to give to the families he serves; from building confidence in parenting skills of a dad who was struggling, to a mom feeling heard for the first time. No matter the situation, he always rises to the occasion, even when it is an extremely difficult case or a new experience for him that is out of his comfort zone; he does it because he knows that it can help a child feel safe and strengthen a family. He attends and helps other Home Start Staff learn from his lived experience when he shares in Diversity, Equity, and Live Well Committee Meetings. His dedication and work ethic doesn't go unnoticed. We would like to thank him for the extra mile that he goes for all his families and for being an active part of the agency. For this and many more reasons, we want to appreciate and recognize the amazing work Reynaldo is constantly doing out in the field and within the agency.
- Maria Badillo, Family Support Partner - Team Leader, Community Services for Families

Morganna May, Fiscal and Administrative

Morganna has been instrumental in helping Home Start keep our stellar reputation for transparency and accounting. Not only does Morganna go above and beyond to learn and grow in her current role, she has proven to be an exceptional leader. Morganna is a true joy in the office and tackles every problem with an optimistic attitude. Thank you, Morganna! - Laura Tancredi-Baese, CEO, Home Start
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