TFCA Workshop Partners

Thank you TFCA Workshop Partners for being a part of Home Start's supportive family!

Home Start has been providing life-changing services to San Diego's most vulnerable children and families since 1972.

For many struggling families, basic needs often go unmet. However, with support from compassionate individuals like you, Home Start is able to help meet those needs and alleviate some of the barriers to family success.

All year long, Home Start provides basic needs to San Diego's most vulnerable children and families. You can help us by shopping our Amazon Charity List and providing some of our most-needed items.

Our vision is for every child to have a safe, stable, and nurturing home. With the help and generosity of supporters like the TFCA Workshop Partners, we believe this is possible.

To effectively prevent and treat child abuse, Home Start addresses the conditions that can contribute to risky or abusive situations – poverty, unsafe neighborhoods, lack of affordable housing, and unemployment – while concurrently addressing individual self-sufficiency and emotional needs.

The current health crisis has been especially hard on San Diego’s most vulnerable children and families. You can make a difference by donating to Home Start during this critical time.

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Your support will help Home Start continue to:

  • Manage our housing programs to keep our clients sheltered
  • Distribute critical resources like food and hygiene items
  • Implement safe therapy practices and a child-abuse prevention curriculum utilizing telemedicine and phone technologies

Our children and families depend on caring partners like you for the resources and support to thrive.

Learn more about Home Start's programs and impact.

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