A Light at the End of the Tunnel

In early 2023, while just a few months pregnant, Mariella found herself in a position no one should ever face. The father of her child attempted to take Mariella’s life. It was the latest episode in an endless cycle of abuse.

With only $100 dollars and the clothes on her back, Mariella courageously fled. Unfortunately, her friends were afraid to house and care for her. They knew of the violence her former partner was capable of.

With no other choice, she bounced around several shelters in downtown San Diego. Fortunately, she learned about Home Start and our domestic violence survivor supportive housing program.

Soon after, she was given the key to her very own unit in one of Home Start’s newest housing properties.

For the first time, Mariella felt safe and at peace.

A few months later, Baby Richard was born happy and healthy. He is now three months old and thriving.

Mariella shares that she is most grateful for the support of her Case Manager, Jordan. Together they are working on her personal goals for a brighter future, which include going back to work soon.

Mariella also gives credit to her Home Start Parenting Class teacher Emily. As a first-time mother, the information and support from Emily has been incredible. She has been overjoyed watching her son reach so many crucial milestones and capturing all the memories on her phone.

“Home Start is the light a the end of the tunnel… Home Start is where my life has started again.”

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