Meet Michael – A Home Start Success Story

"Michael" was born into a world of trauma and chaos, with much of his early years being surrounded by unpredictability and inconsistency. He lived in a home with parents who struggled with substance use; resulting in his being neglected and not receiving the love, nurturing, and attention needed at his young age. At two years old, Michael was removed from the care of his biological parents and placed in the care of his grandparents. Fortunately, the grandparents were attentive, consistent, and most importantly, they were safe and supportive individuals.

However, due to trauma experienced at a young age, Michael displayed challenging behaviors that his grandparents were unsure of and unequipped to manage. They wanted to respond to his behaviors without shaming or punishing him.  The aggressive behaviors, intense tantrums, and impulsivity made it difficult for Michael and his grandparents to connect and bond.

After a few months of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) with Home Start, Michael’s grandparents observed significant progress in his ability to regulate emotions, express his needs, and to engage and interact in a positive way with other family members in his home.

Now, after several months. Michael’s grandparents are consistent in using the skills learned from Home Start to decrease his challenging behaviors, while at the same time forming a loving and secure relationship. As Home Start Behavioral Health Staff observe Michael and his grandparents during their sessions, it is apparent he is in a safe, loving, and stable home, with two caregivers who are sensitive, consistent, and want nothing but the best for their soon-to-be adoptive son.

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