Client Success Story: A Mother’s Quest for Support


At Home Start, we believe in the power of transformation, and Beth's journey with us is a testament to the impact that your support can have on the lives of those in need.

Beth's Story: A Mother's Quest for Support

Beth, a resilient single mother to two young children, reached out to Home Start seeking behavioral support for her 4-year old son, Mason. The family had recently moved into their own apartment after living with Beth's parents, marking a significant change for Mason.

However, this transition was challenging for Mason, who struggled with extreme behavioral issues, including physical and verbal aggression both at home and in school. Beth, already facing the demands of single parenthood, found herself at a loss, especially with Mason's difficulties in sleep and nightly tantrums that lasted for hours.

The impact on Beth's mental health was profound, affecting her ability to function at work and putting her job at risk due to frequent early departures to attend to Mason's needs. The constant calls from Mason's school added to her anxiety, leaving her fearful of losing her job.

A Beacon of Hope: PCIT at Home Start

Enter Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), a transformative program offered by Home Start. In just a few weeks of consistent PCIT sessions, Beth witnessed a significant change in Mason's behavior. The improvements motivated her to continue the treatment, and over the next few months, the once-nightly tantrums became a thing of the past.

Mason not only adapted to his nightly bedtime routine but began looking forward to it. Beth's overwhelming feelings started to decrease as the daily phone calls from Mason's school became a rarity.

Empowered Parenting: The Impact of PCIT

Beth attributes this positive change to the skills she learned through PCIT. Becoming more direct, clear, and using simple language allowed her to understand and respond appropriately to Mason's needs. These skills, as Beth describes, have become her "everyday language," strengthening her attachment and relationship with Mason.

Your Support Matters: Be a Beacon of Hope

Beth's story is just one example of the countless lives transformed through Home Start's programs. Your support can be a beacon of hope for families like Beth's, providing the resources and assistance they need to navigate life's challenges.

By donating to Home Start, you contribute to creating a community where every family has the support and tools to thrive. Join us in making a difference and be part of the journey towards brighter futures.

Donate today and be the change these families need. Together, we can create lasting transformations.

San Diego’s most vulnerable children and families depend on the generosity of supporters like you. You can make a difference in their lives by donating to Home Start. Your gift helps us continue to:

  • Support our housing programs to keep our clients sheltered
  • Distribute critical resources like food and hygiene items
  • Provide safe therapy practices and child-abuse prevention curriculum in person and via telemedicine

Home Start needs this crucial funding now to maintain our essential services and keep our clients safe and protected. Thank you for your generous support of Home Start’s life-changing programs.

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