Justin’s Story

Justin began working with Home Start’s Community Services for Families In-home Parenting Program after his two boys, Junior and AJ, were removed from their mother's home. The boys had been living in a home surrounded by substance abuse, disrepair, and the selling of illegal substances. Justin was unaware of the conditions his two boys were living in since he was kept from seeing them as much as he wanted to.

Justin’s income is limited since he is only able to keep a part-time job while attending the many services he is being asked to participate in by Child Warfare Services. He is currently working on saving up to buy himself a car to make his program appointments and work more hours, instead of depending on public transportation.

Despite his busy schedule, Justin has made it a point to not miss any of his services with his Home Start in-home parenting meetings. He asks a lot of questions on how to better improve his parenting skills and excitedly reports back when he successfully employs new skills with his boys.

Justin and his sons"Parenting classes have helped me reinforce the parenting skills I had and helped me realize that I was doing ok as a dad. You gave me someone to trust in the Child Welfare System and it helped me do better because of that trust I built with you. I finally felt comfortable enough to talk to someone during this case and it helped me so much."

Funds raised from Giving Tuesday help Home Start provide much-needed resources to parents like Justin, who are working to take the steps necessary to provide a brighter future for themselves and their children.

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