Meet Chandra

Home Start's Bright Futures Candles employee “Chandra” grew up in the foster system. Throughout her childhood, she would have to jump from one foster home to another.

After turning 18, Chandra was able to utilize transitional housing. However, she was unfortunately kicked out of her transitional housing program. This is when she was connected with Home Start’s Housing Our Youth Program. She was assigned to a case manager, a housing navigator, and a peer support specialist, and was able to move into Home Start's bridge housing in La Mesa.

At first, Chandra did not have much of a routine and would be in the house most of the day. Her case manager and peer support specialist encouraged her to apply for jobs and told her about our social enterprise program. Chandra was excited about making candles and being a part of the program, so she applied and was accepted to the position. It has been great to see this young person really thrive working at Bright Future Candles. She had to get up early to take the trolley to work and was happy to settle into a steady routine.

After a brief period of living with a relative in North County, Chandra has moved back to San Diego and is once again working in our Bright Futures Candles. She is happy to be back working with us. Chandra's ultimate goal is to enlist in the military, an effort that her Home Start support team is working on helping her achieve.

Thanks to our partners at the JEM Project, all donations now through Tuesday, November 29th are doubled!

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