A Healing Place for Sisters – Veronica and Sam’s Story

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More than anything, “Susan” wanted to help her daughters heal from their trauma.  It broke her heart to see your girls suffering.  Fortunately, she found out about Home Start’s Behavioral Health Services program.   She first enrolled her older daughter Sam into our program and saw her make great progress and healing.  Soon she enrolled her other daughter Veronica.

Veronica had witnessed domestic violence between her parents and was physically abused by her father. The young girl was soon experiencing symptoms of trauma that included overthinking daily, nightmares weekly, difficulty sleeping, and irritability.

Unfortunately, due to a court order, Veronica’s father continued to see her occasionally. These visits were triggering and caused her symptoms to worsen.

With the support of her Home Start therapist, Veronica was eventually able to advocate for her needs regarding visits with her father and vocalize her boundaries. In addition to learning about boundaries, Veronica participated in trauma focused – cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT). Her therapist taught her age-appropriate coping skills and she has been able to begin processing some of her trauma history. Fortunately, Veronica has also reported a decrease in overthinking, irritability, and difficulty sleeping.

Her therapist will keep helping her share her trauma narrative utilizing TF-CBT to continue to decrease her symptoms and ultimately provide ongoing healing.

Thank you for your support of Home Start to help children like Veronica and her sister.  Together, we can help families like them break free from the cycles of poverty, abuse, homelessness, and neglect.

Want to help more children and families like Susan, Veronica, and Sam?  Our Behavioral Health Services team has shared three options for you to consider:

  1. School Uniforms A $100 gift card to Walmart, Target, or Old Navy can support a student's school uniform wardrobe for a semester.
  2. Therapy Session  $100 can provide a healing therapy session for a child victim of abuse.
  3. Amazon Wishlist By purchasing a therapy item from our Amazon Wishlist, you can make a difference in a child's life!
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